Don’t stress over a mess on your property in Englewood, NJ. At Rick’s Cleanouts, we haul junk so you don’t have to. All you have to do to get started is schedule our junk removal services in Englewood, NJ. We are looking forward to taking away your junk!

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What’s going on in Englewood, NJ? In this cozy town, there are always ways to keep busy. You can do chores around the house, or if you’re a business owner, you can handle paperwork, management tasks, and finances. Do you have some time off? Great! Then check out Downtown Englewood and see all the shops and restaurants it has to offer. You may even want to explore one our the many nearby parks, such as Mackay Park. Just make sure not to sacrifice all your time for a do-it-yourself junk removal job. You won’t ever have to haul away your own junk thanks to Rick’s Cleanouts. Just ask for our junk removal services in Englewood, NJ instead!


Avoiding all the hassles that come with do-it-yourself junk removal has never been easier! Thanks to our junk removal services in Englewood, NJ, you’ll never have to lift a finger during your appointment. That’s because our full-service crew is ready to do all the work for you. So feel free to just sit down and relax while our team hauls away your unwanted items. We won’t even expect you to hold the door open for us. In fact, you can even run an errand or watch some television while we clean up all your junk. The items that we can remove for you include furniture, appliances, construction debris, yard waste, clothes, toys, and so much more. The long story short is that if it’s taking up space on your Englewood property, we can load it onto our truck and make it disappear!

We understand there are many kinds of properties in Englewood. That’s why we are prepared to remove junk from all of them. If you need residential junk removal services, then you can count on us to be in your neighborhood right on time. Similarly, we also provide commercial junk removal services. Whether you’re running a downtown shop or a restaurant closer to the city limits, our team will be happy to serve you. We even serve Englewood’s property managers and landlords! If you need help cleaning out an apartment after an eviction or a house after a foreclosure, we can make it happen. As you can see, our team is flexible, hardworking, and ready to serve you under any and all circumstances!

What can you expect from our junk removal cost? What will you pay during your junk removal services in Englewood, NJ? That depends on how much junk you need us to haul away. When your appointment begins, we will estimate how much truck space all your junk will use up. Then, we’ll prepare an upfront quote for you based on that total volume. This ensures that your final price is fair regardless of the size of the project. We will never add hidden fees to your bill along the way, either. We don’t think those sorts of unpleasant surprises are very fair for our customers, after all!


  1. You can always expect Rick’s Cleanouts to be at your property on time, completely prepared for the work ahead. We’ll have a well-dressed crew and an empty junk removal truck ready.
  2. After you approve our upfront quote, we will start picking up all your junk, carry it to our truck, and load it up. It doesn’t take long for us to turn your cluttered property into a clean one.
  3. When we finish loading all the junk onto our truck, we will double-check our work. This is our way of ensuring that we didn’t accidentally leave any pieces of junk behind.
  4. Once we’ve completed our review, we’ll get back to you and request your final payment. Finally, we’ll take all the junk to a nearby landfill or transfer station.


Scheduling service with us is easy. All you have to do is click Book Now, then fill out our contact form. We’ll ask just a handful of simple questions to you, such as what sorts of junk you have, when you want us to be there, and what the address is. We look forward to reading your service inquiry and getting back to you with confirmation details ASAP.

If you don’t like online booking, then there is an alternative method! Simply call us at 201-342-9333, and we’ll be able to have a conversation with you over the phone. This is a great choice if you have any detailed comments, questions, or concerns for us.


Have a question about our services? Want to see if your particular project is one we can help with? To get a free quote, or if you have questions or special requests, just drop us a line. We look forward to serving you!