Do you want to get rid of old belongings that don’t necessarily belong in the landfill? Rick’s Cleanouts can help. We are an eco-friendly donation pickup services company, and we’re interested in donating your unwanted stuff just as much as you are.

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Over time, your new things will become older, and you’ll become less attached to them as a result. However, just because you eventually grow disinterested in your belongings doesn’t mean they are trash. What’s the best way to get rid of things you don’t want without feeling wasteful? By donating them, of course. However, if you don’t feel like going through the motions of boxing up your old things and taking them to a donation site, let Rick’s Cleanouts do the work instead. With our donation pickup services, you can donate your belongings to a good cause in your community without having to even leave your chair. Just let our full-service staff do all the work! It’s our pleasure to help you help others.


People will often mention donation centers as an easy way to part ways with your old things. They’ll mention that they’ll accept clothes, toys, electronics, old decorations, kitchenware, and so many other items. However, what they don’t bring up are the hidden costs of this process. Picture this: it’s the end of a long work day, and you’re coming home to the same old clutter you’ve come to expect. Sure, you could spend a few hours stacking those things into your vehicle and driving them over to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. However, wouldn’t you rather eat dinner, watch television, and enjoy your evening? Isn’t life busy enough already? Don’t let donation and junk removal take another bite out of your schedule. Instead, contact Rick’s Cleanouts, and we’ll help you save your valuable time and energy.

During your appointment, we’ll enter your property, pick up your donatable goods, and load them onto our truck. Since we have many team members available to serve you, you can count on us to get the work done quickly. (We can even provide you with same-day or next-day service.) Additionally, we’ll be able to take your stuff for a price that isn’t so bad. What you pay is based on how much we take. Consider the fact you won’t even have to lift a finger, and our donation pickup services are certainly worth the money. There will never be hidden fees added to your final bill, either.

Curious about getting started with us?? The process of booking our service couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is contact us online or call us at 201-342-9333. Let us know what we can expect to pick up, and we’ll prepare ourselves accordingly. On the day of your appointment, we’ll make sure we have lots of truck space available before we head your way. Once we’ve driven away from our home base in Garfield, NJ, we’ll give you a courtesy call so you know we’re getting close! It won’t be long until those unwanted items are out of your space for good.


  1. At the beginning of your appointment, you will be greeted by friendly professionals that are looking forward to hauling away your reusable items. We’re just as thrilled to make a donation as you are!
  2. Approve our upfront quote, and just like that, we’ll be able to lift up your things and take them away. Even heavy items such as old appliances won’t cause us any trouble or our name isn’t Rick’s Cleanouts.
  3. We’ll load all those items onto our truck, sweep up behind ourselves, and accept your final payment. Then, we’ll say goodbye and leave your property. This allows you to get back to your day. Go have some fun!
  4. Finally, we’ll take all the things to a local donation site. That way, our local thrift store fans will be able to purchase your old things and give them a new purpose. We think that’s way better than the landfill.


As a junk removal business, we do all sorts of heavy lifting to make a living. In particular, our clients rely on us to remove their bulky furniture items. Do you want to get rid of a sofa, dresser, wardrobe, or entertainment center? How about another kind of furniture that you can’t even get to budge? If it’s still in good condition, let us know about it, and we’ll be able to donate it on your behalf. That way, it doesn’t have to rot in the dump. It’d be a crying shame if it did!

All you have to do is point to the furniture that has to go. Then, we’ll pick it up with the assistance of multiple team members. You’ll be shocked at how easily we can remove it when we’ve got the power of teamwork on our side. In the blink of an eye, your furniture will be off your property and on our truck!


Have a question about our services? Want to see if your particular project is one we can help with? To get a free quote, or if you have questions or special requests, just drop us a line. We look forward to serving you!